A Shot at The Big League

December 30th, 2014 | Humour |

This weekend I am going to attend my first ever business conference at the Pavilion. I am really nervous because all the big people at the company will be there, expecting perfection from all the underdogs. I was going to show up alone but figured I would just call Nottingham escorts and bring a date along. Maybe if I have a beautiful woman on my arm I will get noticed more by my boss and his fellow big-timers. This is the one time in my life that I will dote on my boss and kiss an incredible amount of ass. At the end of the conference my boss will announce who will become his assistant, and I am hoping the name called is mine. I have been with his company for ten years, so I think I have a pretty decent shot at the title.

Burn Off Energy

December 2nd, 2014 | Happiness |

I am so glad that it is starting to finally get nice outside and the kids can go out and play. It is hard for me to make my work schedule in the winter months because I always have to hide from my kids. I work as a Leicester escorts companion and I get a lot of phone calls daily. My kids obviously don’t know exactly what mommy does for her job.

I just returned 15 phones calls and have my schedule maxed out for the next week and a half. I’ve always love how flexible my career is and I can take a break whenever I want to. In two weeks, I am taking my kids to a hotel for the weekend to let them burn off some much needed energy. They will enjoy the pool and I will let them have a friend or two come with them.

Not Always Free

November 25th, 2014 | Dating |

Many people believe that the best things in life come free, but I most definitely believe other wise. Last weekend I had two days all to myself and absolutely nothing to do. After sitting around for hours being bored I decided to do a little research online on stuff to do in the area. One of the first things I came across was Leeds escort agency. Apparently for just a little bit of money I could have a woman come hang out with me for the evening. So needless to say, I ended up calling them and had the most beautiful girl in the world show up at my front door. As I was saying, the best things in life are not always free. Some times to get something delicate and beautiful you just need to throw out a little bit of cash.

Rent A Spouse

November 24th, 2014 | Happiness |

It was almost time for me to show up to my class reunion and I wanted to make a lasting impression to my fellow classmates. I called the Birmingham escort agency and booked a dated to take with me that night because I am single.

I went out shopping and picked out the perfect outfit that I knew that I looked good in and was comfortable wearing. My hair needed to be cut, so I got my hair cut a couple days before it was time to attend.

When I walked in the night of my reunion and sat at my table, everyone was amazed of my so called spouse. All I did was talk about how great my job is and my family life, we chuckled from time to time. Later that night, I took her out to dinner and thanked her for helping me through my reunion that I was very nervous about.

Not Quite Swinging

November 16th, 2014 | Happiness |

Sometimes, my girlfriend and I like to watch other couples having sex to help us get into the mood ourselves. There are plenty of options out there as far as pictures and videos go and we like to mix it up as much as we can but there is something extra appealing about adult sex cams.

Watching another couple in the throws of passionate sex at the same time you are is about as hot as it gets and knowing it is actually happening right then only adds to the excitement. It is almost like we are doing something really crazy and unconventional like swinging but without the guilt that would be sure to catch up to us. We are a devoted couple and are not comfortable with being involved with anyone else but it is fun to pretend. Coming that close to the taboo is the extra flame that we need.

Off To See The Chiropractor

November 14th, 2014 | Health |

I was suffering from back pain and finally decided to get off of the medication and go to the chiropractor. It seemed like every day I was so sleepy and lazy, I didn’t want to do anything but show up for work. After work, I would go home and sleep until I had to work the next day. My fuck buddy would run all of my errands and pay my bill because she felt bad for me.

It has only been about six visits and my back feels so much better, I am glad that I decided to go. I have a long road to recovery with my lower back pain according to my chiropractor. The best part about my treatment is that it is all safe and natural and I am off the med’s. I definitely recommend seeing a chiropractor if you have lower back pain, it will change your life!

Janmashtami Festival

November 8th, 2014 | Culture |

There are a few Hindu festivals in India. The first festival is the Naga Panchami. The Naga Panchami is the festival of the snakes. It is held on the fifth day (Panchami) of the month of Shravan month of the Lunar calendar. The second festival is the Rakhi. The Rakhi is celebrated on the Full Moon Day of the Hindu month of Shravan. It is the reflection of the good and the bad times of the relationship between a brother and sister, often caused by petty activities such as obsessive hindi phone sex with naugthy ladies.

The third festival is the Janmashtami. The Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. It is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Sravana. The fourth festival is the Ganesh Chaturthi. The Ganesh Chaturthi is he birthday of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom. It is celebrated on the fourth day of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, which falls around August or September.

A double life

November 6th, 2014 | Internet |

I almost died of a heart attack yesterday! I was browsing the Internet and came across a web site for an escort agency. It happened by accident. I just clicked on a pop up ad and there it was. There were lots of photographs of London escort agency and there right in the middle of the page was a girl that looked exactly like my ex girlfriend! She had the same colour and style of hair, the same facial features, and a very similar shaped body. I haven’t seen Suzie in months but I could have sworn it was her. I had to take a second look. I remember that Suzie had a small tattoo on her wrist and this girl didn’t have one. Thank goodness it wasn’t her. But thinking about it, maybe she has had it removed! I can’t be one hundred per cent sure but what if it is her? What if she is living a double life?